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To All My Customers

March is just around the corner and with it the 12th season for GreenScenes.  Once again I thank all of you that helped to make last year a success and I look forward to continuing to provide you with quality services.  When I first began GreenScenes I could have only hoped it would succeed and continue to grow.  But hard work, loyal customers like yourself, and a great team of workers performing quality services have all contributed to its success. We look forward to providing you with the same quality services in 2018.

This year we will be trying out a different system for slips and billing.  The slips that have been used in the past and placed in mailboxes will be replaced by door hangers. 

I’ve received a few complaints from post offices/mail carriers about putting the slips in mailboxes and feel like I also am putting too much responsibility on employees and myself with filling out the slips properly.   They will contain the same work completed info as the slips, but no pricing.  After the work is entered into QuickBooks you will be emailed an invoice.  All invoices and monthly statements will be emailed this year, if an email has been provided by you.  Please make sure that your email provider does not classify my emails as spam.  If you do not provide an email your invoice/monthly statement will be mailed.  I am also looking into a mobile phone app for GreenScenes that will function similarly to the website and hopefully allow you to make payments from your mobile phone.

 For those of you that are not aware, I also offer many other services to customers beyond fertilization and pesticide treatment. These services include: lawn mowing, lawn renovations (de-thatch/aerate/over seed or slice seed), landscaping, landscape lighting, cleanups, mulching, pruning, and flower installations.  I can also deal with almost any irrigation issue you may have and will also start up and winterize systems.  In addition, I now have a relationship with an irrigation company for new installs, existing system expansion, or problems that I personally cannot handle.  Please let me know if you are interested in receiving an estimate for irrigation work or any of the other services listed above.   As always referrals of friends, family, or neighbors is appreciated and will be rewarded.  I also have an ornamental (tree/shrub) pesticide license.  This license allows me to provide you with preventative and curative, fertilizer and pesticide treatments for your landscapes.  The program for trees and shrubs includes 2 fertilizations, 2 insect treatments, and an anti-desiccant treatment for evergreens before winter.  I also can do disease and deer prevention treatments if you are experiencing these problems.  There is an option to choose this program – just check the box at the bottom of the Plan Choice Sheet.  Although this letter is designed to get the fertilizer program set up and started for the year, I also wanted to let everyone know other options available for the upcoming season.

Once again this year I’m offering three programs for all homeowners. The first program choice is the Pro Plan.  It’s the basic 7 step program that most of you had last year.  It includes fertilizers, weed control, grub control, and lime. The grub control will also control some of the other subsurface insects that can be harmful to turf.  Grubs and other insects also tend to attract moles which can wreak havoc on your lawn. Eliminating one of their main food resources will help to keep them away.  The next choice is the Pro Plan Plus.   This is a 10 step program that helps to deal with the abundance of lawn fungus problems that have risen over the last couple of years. NJ State control of nitrogen fertility rates along with more frequent weather conditions that lead to fungal problems have provided a need to be more vigilant against these diseases.  With the Pro Plan Plus this year you get the 7 steps of the Pro Plan with 3 steps of preventative fungicide.  The final choice this year is the Pro Plan Supreme.  This program is designed for lawns that have had past insect and/or fungus problems or for customers who just want to try and avoid these problems before they occur.  It’s a 12 step program that includes fertilizers, weed controls, lime, 3 preventative insecticides, and 3 preventative fungicides.  You can choose any program you’d like and still get other treatments if necessary. 

The driving force for our website is the ability for my customers to pay their bill online with a credit card.  It is simple, safe, and most of all secure. I am hoping this year that more customers will take advantage of this convenience as an additional way to make a payment.  I understand at times the cost of lawn renovations or large landscape projects may be cost prohibitive.  This option will allow customers to pay for these services over time by utilizing a credit card as a payment option for work that needs to be done immediately. 

Don’t hesitate to call me with any questions, comments, or issues with this proposal. I also accept early payments or pre-payment for entire fertilizer programs when you mail back your paperwork.  I encourage everyone to go to to make your payment.  If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the service, you may cancel and a refund will be issued for the remaining services.  Please return this paperwork at your earliest convenience.  My plan is to start services sometime in March depending on weather.  Once again I thank you for your time and patronage.



Jason Uebelacker

Owner, GreenScenes

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