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​Service Agreement

The purpose of this Agreement is to provide a legal, binding contract between GreenScenes and you (the Customer) for services to be rendered by GreenScenes at the (Address) indicated below.  The services to be rendered and the pricing of those services are to be chosen from the GreenScenes Fertilizer & Pesticide Programs Choice Sheet.  The services and price are agreed upon by the customer and GreenScenes at the execution of this agreement.  Services begin upon execution of this contract and run until December 2018.  It is GreenScenes’ responsibility under this agreement to provide responsible and reliable services as agreed upon in this Agreement.  It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure the health of lawn in conjunction with any instructions or services provided by GreenScenes.  These responsibilities include watering practices, mowing practices, and contacting GreenScenes whenever questions/problems may arise.  Under this Agreement, Customer will not discuss lawn program, business practices, or pricing of services provided by GreenScenes with other lawn care entities or any entity or person seeking to provide the same services.  GreenScenes will render all services agreed upon in accordance with NJ Department of Environmental Protection laws and regulations.  Information on these laws and regulations can be obtained by contacting the aforementioned agency.  Both parties agree that this Agreement can be terminated at any time, by either party to this agreement, due to unsatisfactory services or nonpayment of services rendered with ten (10) days notice.  Damage or loss due to unsatisfactory services provided by GreenScenes will be rectified by GreenScenes with customer’s consent.  Upon execution of this contract Customer will be given the opportunity to renew and renegotiate this Agreement for services to be rendered in the next business year if services rendered were satisfactory.


Please sign and return a copy of this agreement.

To print and mail all Service Agreement Forms, download the attached PDF, print, complete the forms and mail to:


1740 2nd Street, Thorofare
New Jersey 08086

Your details were sent successfully!

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